Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Back

Last week I had a terrible cold with a fever. I spent most of the week lamenting that I, as usual, had procrastinated in preparing for my upcoming show, the MA Sheep and Wool. Dyeing was, for the most part, out of the question, but I did manage to complete a prototype from Phoebe's Sweater, a delightful picture book for toddlers about a young mouse and her family. Here it is:

I dyed some yarn for her body and dress the week before last, so all I had to do was knit while sitting in my glider, moaning and drinking copious amounts of Emergen-C, which is my go-to potion for avoiding and/or surviving almost anything.

By Wednesday afternoon I thought I felt well enough to take these photos, but then succumbed to more sleep. I did, however, regain consciousness and finish her coat, too.

Having her in the booth resulted in a few sales I might not have had otherwise. I'm working on completing the child's sweater that is also included in the book. This may be my 'Summer of Samples.'