Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love My Rodents

Chipmunks enchant me. I've loved them since I was a child, when they would eat out of my hands. We have quite a few here, of which this is the most immune to fear of people. He appears from under the porch to survey the territory from the safety of the concrete Boston's head.

Then he moves to the shield of the dachshund foot scraper,

until he's certain there are no foes about,

at which point he emerges to forage in the forest of bird feeders provided for his attention. Those photos will arrive here in time.

Right now, I have to get going to continue preparations for the MA Sheep and Wool, which is over Memorial Day weekend in Cummington, MA, before I begin singing yet another refrain of, "Too much, too little, too late..."


  1. I love the post title! I think your chipmunks are cuter than my chipmunks. How much wool do you have to dye - or should I have asked?

  2. Ah the chipunks! Any sign of our dear little deaf friend?