Friday, May 21, 2010

If I Were Organized, It Would Help

This is what the sidewalk in front of my porch looks like as of this morning. It should have looked like this as of a few weeks ago. This is always the way it is when I am getting ready for a show. The MA Sheep and Wool is next Saturday and Sunday, with set up for us on Friday. I will be gone tomorrow afternoon and Sunday to attend a memorial service back where I grew up. Nick will man the trenches here. That leaves me with four to five days of dyeing after today.

Today I dyed ten pounds of alpaca/silk DK yarn, ten pounds of Bluefaced Leicester superwash worsted weight, a kilo of merino lace, and a kilo of merino/bamboo fingering.

Here's some superwash perking away.

Here is alpaca/silk and lace weight drying in the dining room. I dyed four batches in two colorways today, some of each yarn in each color.

These yarns were both dyed with the same dye in approximately the same concentration. It always amazes me how different fibers absorb color in entirely different ways despite starting out approximately the same shade naturally. This is another area in which I wish I was more organized. I keep a dye book, but not as religiously as I ought.

Yet, I did dye about twenty-five pounds of stuff today, and managed to spend two and a half hours a Fred's spinning. I also did the chores- twice. I just finished cooking and eating dinner.
Maybe I should give myself a break.


  1. Yes, maybe you should...that's an amazing amount of 'stuff' to get done in one day. The yarn looks great!

  2. Your set up looks like my yard when Kevin does his beer brewing. Maybe I am on to something, beer and fiber what else do we need?

  3. Hooray, you did it! And the booth looked great.