Thursday, October 21, 2010

Done Languishing and Yarn Alert

First, the yarn alert:
If you or anyone you know purchased worsted yarn at our booth, Sliver Moon Farm, at Rhinebeck or Southern Adirondack, marked ‘Worsted 100% superwash BFL wool, 250 gram’, it is NOT superwash.
I spoke with the manufacturer on Tuesday to order more, and they told me they had learned it may not have had adequate superwash treatment. I knit a 5”x 4 3/8” swatch upon learning this(9 3/4 sts/2”, 12 1/2 rows/2” on size 7). After washing on regular cycle with jeans, it measured 4 1/2”x4’(10 1/4 sts/2”, 13 1/2 rows/2”). After going through a regular cycle in the dryer, it measures 4 1/2”x3 1/2”(10 1/2 sts/2”,15 1/2 rows/2”). If a you or anyone you know wishes to return or exchange this yarn, please contact me through Ravelry or at kayatslivermoonfarmdotcom. The skeins sold for $34.
I am TERRIBLY sorry . I still love the yarn and am knitting something for myself out of it. It hand washes beautifully, and the stitch definition remained even after its washer/dryer escapade, but it DOES shrink!!!
I trust the people who sold me the yarn. It is just an unfortunate situation.

Rhinebeck was lovely. After setting up in the rain, the weekend was stunning. Beautiful weather both days and crowds of friendly, smiling people wearing gorgeous hand knits. The following item was brought to show us the lovely shawl she had knit with last year's purchase at our booth. Unfortunately, I neglected to get the knitter's name. I'm still pretty new at this blogging stuff. *She has been identified as Evelyn, eknitter on Ravelry. The shawl is the Vernal Equinox Shawl. It is knit in our Fingering superwash 8oz. in the Denim colorway. I would also like to thank all of you who stopped by to visit, fondle, pick our brains, and buy.

A new touch in our booth this year was these aprons, which were embroidered for us at by my friend Marjorie Corrow, whose business is Life's a Stitch, LLC. Her company does terrific work at a reasonable price.

These aprons also did well for us this year. They are sewn for me by a friend who is a long time seamstress.

Yet another friend Susan has been encouraging me not to let my blog languish. I herewith pledge to post at least three times a week.


  1. It looks like this project!

    Sorry again about the yarn. :(

  2. I love that yarn apron -- it may go on my "needs" list.

  3. Kay!!! You're languishing again! xxx

  4. Dropped in from YarnHarlot's blog to say your comment there made me laugh out loud in that deep guttural laugh my children love so much. "I'm sorry you have to do something even you know is stupid just to assert your independence. Must be hard to separate from someone whose world view is so similar to your own."
    For the next ten minutes, I am completely in love with you.